The mankind has always been trying to make its life easier and more comfortable; at the same time history demonstrates people saturating their lives with new and new issues, which had never been practices by the ancestors. there have always been people who tried to find easier and more effective ways of completing the new tasks. Such situation accompanied life of people from the times of cave people and today we have the same situation. However, the big difference between the inventions of the past and of the present is that today they are global ??“ they influence the whole world. Some people see this issue as a positive one as life becomes easier, while others remind about the global warming and other issues which are related to the global activity system of people on the planet. Speaking about globalization, it is not acceptable to have a biased opinion because outcomes of the process are too serious to hesitate between the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Unfortunately, the process of globalization cannot be treated as a positive one because its final outcomes are predicted destructive for the planet and for the mankind.
Thomas Barnett views the problem of globalization as negative one. However, he does not address it in terms of destruction of the nature, but he traces the way it influenced life of the biggest countries and outlines the outcomes of the introduced innovations. Such states as Colombia, Haiti, Argentina, brazil, Congo, Angola, Islael-Palestina, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Indonesia, china, Russia, India and some other countries belong to those that experience significant political problems because of the process of globalization. The reason is that these countries tried to exist on the same level as those developed, but failed and currently their situation became even worse. Such state of affairs caused many social interactions and those the most serious of them led to grouping of people who were against the globalization and development of the civilization. Later these groups became known as terrorists. Currently these are trying to bring chaos in the civilized world and it is necessary to mention that they are quite powerful. Moreover, many countries of the world are weakened because of inappropriate role in the process of globalization and the United States of America remains the only state which is able to resist the pressure of the terrorists and apply measures to save peace on the planet. However, at the same time some of its policies, which are again, related to the process of globalization, bring harm and war, causing social and nature disasters. The Iraq war might be a great example; it is believed that it was necessary to put the end of Saddam Hussein regime. Today experts treat the conflict as the necessary one, not paying attention to the fact that its real reason occurred because of the process of globalization, which is widely promoted today (Barnett, n.d.).
Geographical location of many countries plays an important role in the process of globalization and not only because some countries are rich in oil and mining resources which are the moving force of globalization, but also because of domination of particular ideas and ideologies at the territories which are remote from the West (Kaplan, 2012).
Possible dreadful consequences of the process of globalization were predicted at the end of the last century by Samuel Huntington (1993), who claimed it to be the core of ideological, economical and political conflicts which occur between various countries.
The researcher supported his opinion by the fact that the process of globalization cannot widespread. As a consequence, some countries dominate over others and this cannot but lead to various disputes and dissatisfaction which later results into serious international conflicts.
Conflict between various countries is the conflict of their civilizations and it is expected as the last phase of the conflict of evolution of the modern world. There can be no doubts that such state of affairs sooner or later results into a war which could involve countries, possessing nuclear weapon. Outcomes of such war are easy to be predicted and the amount of possible victims expected, or even destruction of the whole civilization, is an undeniable prof that the process of globalization should be stopped as soon as possible (Huntington, 1993).
Speaking about contribution of the process of globalization, it is impossible to omit the reason why the process is still being facilitated and the truth is that the mankind sacrifices the health of the planet and social peace of the nations for obtaining greater comfort and making life easier. These issues are important, but the price which is paid for them is too high to continue promotion development of the civilization through the process of globalization.
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