Child Welfare System

Child Welfare System
Debbie Marez
San Antonio Community College

Sociology 1306 Section: 017

Professor Tina Yarbrough

I have always been interested in counseling as a profession and have thought about maybe one day working for Child Protective Services or being a counselor at a school. Therefore I choose to research the child welfare system and initiatives that have been taken to improve it.

1. Marble, L. U. S. Dept. Of justice, Office of justice programs, office of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention, [1999]. (1999) Initiatives to improve child welfare outcomes. Washington, DC: United States federal depository library document… J 32.21:119. Retrieved from

Descriptive Annotation: This article is a government document retrieved from the website of The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention which is a component of the Office of Justice Programs and is two pages in length. Written by Lynn Marble who is a writer-editor for the Juvenile Justice Clearing house, the article highlights some of the efforts that are ongoing to improve child welfare.

Critical Annotation: The article covers ???how the public and private sectors are intensifying efforts to ensure that child welfare services result in positive outcomes for children and families. The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (P.L. 105??“80), which requires the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop outcome measures to rate the performance
Of State child welfare programs; 1 and (2) the growing use of managed care principles (including fiscal accountability) by child welfare services???. This article provides a look into different initiatives that are being done by the child welfare league of America, National initiatives, University based initiatives, state initiatives, and most importantly Agency based initiatives. I find it gives you a better understanding of what programs the government has implemented to improve the child welfare system.

2. R, C. (2008). Improving response to critical situations: lessons learned from CWLA members. . Children??™s voice magazine, (pg), 22.

Descriptive Annotation: This article was written for the Children??™s Voice Magazine by Cindy Ryman Yost the director of Membership Development at CWLA. The article touches upon how ???leaders can learn from the experience of others and use that information to make the decisions that result in better services for children and families???.

Critical Annotation: The article emphasizes the fact that just by sharing an experience it can truly benefit others. When people open up about their past experiences and ask questions and talk about lessons learned the entire field can benefit from it. The CWLA is suggesting that staff and upper personnel can really learn invaluable information on how to handle certain situations especially by someone who has gone through a similar experience.

3. J, C. (2008). Leadership lens. . Childrens voice magazine, (pg), 4

Descriptive Annotation: This article was written for the Children??™s Voice Magazine by Christine James-Brown. The article discusses how by the year 2020 The Child Welfare League of America would like for the child welfare system to be stronger and have changed for the better.

Critical Annotation: The article clarifies the outcomes the CWLA would like to achieve as a league and as a child welfare system. ???This includes the child welfare system serving fewer children and the children they do serve receiving the best most appropriate care so that they leave the system prepared for life???. The article goes on say that the child welfare system will support a system that is holistic, organized, sensitive to race, culture, ethnicity with their highest ???priority being to un cover the cause and effect relationships between systematic actions and outcomes for children and youths???.

4. Dodge, Kenneth. Lawrence, Nicole. Rosenbaum, Katie. (2011). multiple response system: evaluation of policy change in North Carolinas child welfare system. Children and youth services review. , 33(11), 2355.

Descriptive Annotation: This article was written for the Children and Youth services Review by Kenneth Dodge, Nicole Lawrence, and Katie Rosenbaum. The article highlights how challenges within the child welfare system have pushed many states to ???explore new strategies aimed at protecting children while meeting the needs of families???.

Critical Annotation: One program implemented was North Carolinas differential response system, known as the Multiple Response System (MRS). The MRS examined the different aspects including child safety, timeliness of response and case decision, front loading of services, case distribution. ???The MRS did have a positive impact on child safety evidenced by a decline in rates of substantiations and reassessments.??? I believe this information is useful for improvement efforts.