Child Labor

“Child labour has serious consequences that stay with the individual and with society for far longer than the years of childhood. Young workers not only face dangerous working conditions. They face long-term physical, intellectual and emotional stress. They face an adulthood of unemployment and illiteracy.”
United Nations Secretary – General Kofi Annan.

Apparently, its okay to force children into full time employment at as young as five years old. Child slave labour refers to the economic active population under the age of 15 years employed in various industries. Over 25% of children in sub-Saharan Africa, and 18% in Asia remain trapped within the cycle of poverty of which child labour is part. How is this at all fair How can a quarter of Africas population of children be forced to work in all kinds of conditions, doing long hours of work and geting no compensation. 15,000 children were captured, beaten, forced to work, underfed and not paid. Child labor is common in agriculture, domestic service, the sex industry, the carpet and textile industries, quarrying and brick making, although the children have no say in which career they are placed into. Young boys are put into agriculture and other activities as soon they are old enough to perform the tasks. Girls are made to do household and domestic work as soon as they learn to do them This leaves the child with little or no time for recreation. This is a question of justice and an issue of corruption and power.

These children are growing up in corrupted towns and living around corrupted poeople. What would happen if you were carried into work kicking and screaming You would be sent home. Some of these children, though, do this every day and are made to stay at work for hours on end and be paid either very little or nothing. They are lucky to get a 15 minute lunch break during a 15 hour day. These children fail to live their childhood, instead of playing with other children, they are working their lives away, They have no real friends, just their so called co-workers.

From a very young age, these children suffer many health problems, they suffer physical and mental job stress at a very young age. Malnutrition is also widely spread amongst child labourers. Children are put under dangerous conditions such as stone quarries, tanning leather, and electroplating metals which can endanger their health significantly. They have no protective colthing or equiptment. Each day, the children are faces with many diseases such as silicosis, tuberculosis and malnutrition. With working everyday from such a young age, the children are deprived any time to seek an education which is essential for the overall development and future progress of the child. Parents of these children care more about the income their child earns for them, rather than their education. Kemmer Agiobou quotes, ???Education broadens your mind but it does not teach you how to survive.???

Where are these childrens parents Why are they allowed this to happen to their own families Their parents are actually the people putting their children through this work, other parents (who live in other states like Mali, Africa) sell their kids to the employers of warehouses and factories to work and in exchange get things like furnitue or food to raise their quality of living, but this, ofcourse, includes no advantages for the child working for it, as they have no time to get back home and see the changes. A family, with love and affection, is not at all known to these kids, their parents are their enemies that send them off to horrible workplaces each and everyday. The only thing they find to talk with their parents about is financial responsibility.

Though child labor supports many poor people, efforts should be made to eliminate it in a manner that does not worsen the condition of the poor people. Programs should be introduced that provide the unemployed with jobs with adequate salaries. Education should be provided to the poor for free and parents should be educated that is is essiential their children go to school to be able to develop basic skills that are needed in everyday life. They should be made to realize that it is in the best interest of their children not to work so young as they are exposed to so many more dangerous illnesses. In any case, child labor should be eradicated as it is harmful to the health of the children, it is an obstacle to their education, and it denies them a happy childhood. Thus, the world would be a better place for all children when they are brought up in a loving and caring environment and do not have to work and toil right from the early stages of their lives.