Global Warming

Global warming

Global warming as one significant environmental issue catches more and more eyes from all over the world with the overwhelming effects. The Earth is heating up, and how the warming effects on Earth may affect crops and climatic conditions. Several current trends clearly demonstrate that global warming is directly impacting on; rising sea levels, the melting of icecaps, and significant worldwide climatic changes. In my understanding, global warming represents a fundamental threat to all living things on earth.

Any object in universe has electromagnetic radiation. Objects??™ temperature get higher, the wavelength of radiation get shorter. When the electromagnetic radiation cross the atmospheric and down the ground there part will inverse radiation. The ground will be getting warmer and warmer. That means the atmospheric keep the ground warm. This is the principle of atmospheric greenhouse effect.

Atmospheric greenhouse effect brings global warming issues.
Global warming stems directly from the humans nearly barbarous activities. the most important point is the Increasing human population numbers which are putting great pressure on many of these limited resources and make almost use of these energy resources, no doubt that human activities are altering the equilibrium involved in these natural processes and cycles. What??™s more, the pressure of the growing population also makes changes of the use of energy that acreats the emission of carbon dioxide. Finally, with the development of technologies, the atmosphere like the ozonosphere is becoming thinner day by day.

Fossil fuels, industry, and agricultural processes caused by human, natural, and other gas emissions. This results in an increased emission of greenhouse gases. Short-wave solar radiation sinks into the Earths atmosphere and warms its surface; while long wave infrared radiation emitted by earths surface is absorbed, and then re-emitted by trace gases.

Nowadays, some parts of the world are suffering from the impact of the global warming. The warmer temperature allows mosquitoes that transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue fever to extend their ranges and increase both their biting rate and their ability to infect humans. That also makes the ranging shift and population change of the plants and animals. The warmer water has been linked to the coral reef bleach. A warmer climate will bring an increase in precipitation worldwide, especially during winter and in mid- to high latitudes, according to climate model projections. In addition, more precipitation is expected to fall in downpours and heavy snowstorms leading to increased flooding and damages. As the climate heats up, droughts are expected to become more frequent and severe in some locations. All these phenomena foreshadow these types of impact is likely to become more frequency and widespread with continued warming.

Global warming is a great threat to our planet and already causing damage in many parts of the world, including the inundation of low-lying islands due to rising sea levels, increased frequency of severe storms, and the retreat of glaciers and icecaps. Alarm bells are sounding all over our planet, taking these phenomena as harbingers of greater disasters to come, which will create millions of climate refugees.

Global warming can affect our future ability to obtain food. As climates change, plants and animals will change, leading to a change in the eating patterns of humans. An increase in precipitation is one result of global warming that could have devastating effects. First, the quality of crops would be affected by an increase in precipitation. Second, increasing rain could lead to an increase in soil erosion.

What is effective control way
The first is to reduce the current CO2 in the atmosphere. The most practical approach is extensive plant trees, greener, and stop deforestation. The second aspect is to adapt. The third area is to reduce CO2 emissions.

I have watched the lecture by Al Gore. It is he who let me understand the harm of global warming. He has spent more than half of his life in environmental protection. As his successors in the new century, we have the obligations on this important task endued by the history. Just as what they say: Everybody is responsible for the rise and fall of the world.

In summary, global warming is a serious issue that well face in the future. We have to take it strongly serious. There??™s lots way to reduce the global warming to speed up for example: you can ride bike instead of a car. Use the environmental plastic bag. Using timers and motion detectors to control lights and shut down office equipment when not in use and turning off computers, televisions, and lights when not in use. Besides, using 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and other recycled paper products is also available. As myself, I would share some opinions and discusses the issue with more people, and make them join our environment protection team; anyway, what were looking forwards is a best living condition for all humans, not with the effects of global warming.